Online Counseling
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What is Online Counseling?
Online counseling has many names such as: Telemental Health, Distance Counseling, Telehealth, Virtual Counseling, and Web-based Counseling to name a few.  These names refer to the use of technology in any way via phone, texting, chat, email, or video. I provide video counseling and phone counseling (EAP clients only).
For On-line Counseling to be provided the client will need the following:

*A laptop, phone, or desktop with audio and video
*Internet connection
*A confidential location for therapy to take place

1. Contact your insurance and ask them if you are covered for Online Counseling. If you are covered:
2. Call and schedule an appointment with me.

Note: If you are able, Sonya prefers the first appointment to be in-person and then subsequent appointments can be online. 
What You Should Know
*Online Counseling must occur in a confidential location!
*The cost for an Online session is the same as an in-person session.
*Insurance companies will not pay for any phone sessions.
*Online counseling will not be conducted if client is in a current domestic situation, current suicidal or homicidal ideation, or psychotic relating to technology.
*If client’s insurance plan does not cover Online Counseling and client would like Online counseling, client would pay out of pocket $100/hour.
*Sonya does not provide Online Counseling for ages 13-19.


It is normal to be hesitant about having therapy online. Below are some findings regarding client feedback of their experience with online counseling.
Disclosure: These are not clients of Dove Counseling Center
"There is evidence that patients quickly adapt and establish rapport with their distance counselor."
Ghosh GJ, McLaren, PM., Watson, JP. Evaluating the allowance in videolink telehtherapy. J Telemed Telecare. 1997:3 Suppl 1:33-5
Simpson, S. The provision of a telepsychology services to Shetland: client and therapist satisfaction and the ability to develop a therapeutic alliance. J. Telemed Telecare. 2001; 7 Suppl  1:34-6. 35
“Research shows that more than half of clients prefer phone counseling. Also, a much higher percentage (93% for telephone compared to 63% face- to face) said they would see counseling again.”

Reese, R., Conoley, C., Brossard, D (2006) The Attractiveness of Telephone Counseling: An Empirical Investigation of Client Perceptions. Journal of Counseling & Development. 84:1, 5460.

"Online CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is an effective as traditional "in-person" therapy for the treatment of depression."

Kessler, David: Lewis, Kaur et al (August 2009). “Therapist -delivered internet psychotherapy for    depression in primary care: a randomized controlled trial.” The Lancet 374 (9690): 628-634

Directions to download software for Online  Counseling

1. Sonya will email you a link.  To accept her invitation to use Vsee (a software she uses for confidential sessions) Click, Accept Sonya’s Invite

2. Next, Enter the information below. Please write down your password. Click Register

3. The software should automatically download. If it doesn’t under the Step 1 box you will see a message that says, “Vsee should start downloading within seconds. If it doesn’t please click here”  Click there and the download should begin

4. Click Run

5. Next sign in to Vsee with your Password

6. Vsee will then test the video and audio
7. Click on your initials at the top right, Select Open my video. Sonya will call you at the designated appointment time.