1. "My RRT sessions enabled me to evaluate my personal life as it related to my divorce, lack of self-esteem, adulthood dreams & failures and the need to focus on the present and let go of the past. Ms. Waddell gave me so much food for thought and promise for my future. I used the tools she gave me that were 100% positive change on the job. I set boundaries with my staff and they respected them and I reciprocated the same. My personal life is better as I realize that "power is in the present." I have so much joy in my life today."
    C. L. Marietta
  2. "I was having a problem with pain in my legs and I couldn’t rest or sleep at night. After Ms. Waddell used Rapid Resolution I was so relaxed and I got so sleepy. That night I slept all night long. I didn’t have any more problems with my legs. That’s been about 3 weeks ago and I’m able to sleep all night long. What an amazing phenomenon! It was amazing you need to try Rapid Resolution. Thank you Ms. Waddell"
  3. "In July 2013 I became very stressed out on the job that led to a breakdown requiring me to reevaluate my priorities. Rapid Resolution Therapy sessions allowed me to talk about my overwhelming job responsibilities and the impact I was allowing them to have on my life. I needed to consider my work schedule and set boundaries for subordinate managers on the job. I had to also set boundaries for how I would communicate with my boss who immediately recognized that perhaps she was causing too much stress on me."
    A. W. Powder Springs
  4. "My counseling session was truly remarkable. I have made several positive changes in my life since attending counseling with Sonya. I am forever grateful for the help she gave me and for the coping skills that she taught me. I will continue to carry them forward and find help and comfort from our work together. I think everyone could benefit from her unique and insightful perspectives. Sonya's approach is warm, professional and gentle yet effective. She knows how to get to the heart of the matter in a very calm and focused way. Many thanks"
    L. P. Austell
  5. "Ever since we met, I have been very well aware of what is going on for me when I feel stressed out. It is just stress. It is not any other feeling. I do not feel like crying at all. It is more a need to be strategic and actually do something productive or restoring. It has been amazing to have this kind of response. I think of the sun and it immediately illicits a response from my mind and body to be calm, alert, and strategic. You have a talent and gift for moving people through the experience of inner peace. Since then, my life and my family has been moving along much better."
    K. G. Powder Springs
  6. "Sonya was one of the names I was given through my employer's Employee Assistance Program. After speaking with her and one other, I was impressed with her warm and caring attitude. Once I was under her care, she immediately knew how to treat me and my anxiety. Through her visual tools and her scripture verses, she was able to help me focus on recovery instead of what was causing the anxiety. She also explained to me in terms I could understand why the anxiety/panic attacks were happening and how to gain control and move past them. Sonya was easy to talk to, kind, considerate, and sympathetic. She also has a gift of being able to discern what is happening and summarize and synthesize and give valuable feedback. She found her true calling! " C. C. Marietta
    C. C. Marietta
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